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Built by our understanding of players need.

Our Agents works together to solve your next destination, but it doesn’t stop there! We are fully committed to your journey and we will together figure out a plan on how to  reach your goals. Our Agents works collaboratively with our clients throughout every phase of the engagement to ensure a dynamic product, positive experience, and effective outcome.

Player Placement

Through our network we will get you in touch with teams in various leagues across the Globe. We will work with you along your goals and expectations to find the best suitable placement for you.

Branding & Sponsorships

We will work together with our clients to stretch their brand to limitless potential. We believe strongly in the use of Social Media, but also in creating a brand around your name and character. 

Contract Negotiation

We focus strongly on a good valued contract for our Clients. All of our clients will be provided with a contract of their best possible value out of the requirement set by the player.

"Couldn't have done what I’m doing with them. Very professional and always look out for what’s best for me. An amazing group. Couldn’t be more happy with our partnership.
Caleb Eefting

Defenceman, Kalix HC

"My experience with Quantum has been nothing short of amazing. The guys are ready to help with any needs at a moment's notice. I would highly recommend using Quantum Hockey Agency again, or for anyone that is looking to pursue a higher level of hockey! You will not be disappointed.
Dan Stollery

Defenceman, Kungälvs IK

"This guy is top-notch. Knows exactly what needs to be done, and does it well. Will do the whole job with a smile on his face, and does what is best for you!"
Dirk de Waal

Former Hockey Player, Olofströms Steelers

The group at Quantum look to put your interest first. A lot of other agencies only have one concern: to make the most money off the contract and ignore whether the deal is good for the player as a fit through its competitiveness or through financial. Quantum wants its clients to succeed and for that to happen, they look to give the best situation for each player. The staff is acknowledgeable with the professional hockey environment and are very easy to communicate with. You will enjoy the experience you have through them.
Mark MacKinnon

Defenceman, Trollhättans HC

"Great work! Super friendly and professional service!"
Stephen Langford

Former Hockey Player, Trollhättans IK

The Right Choice

If you’re interested in getting in touch with one of our agents? Please leave us a message and we will get back to you!

Alberta & Saskatchewan, Canada

+1 306 451 8058

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