We’re happy to announce that our client Caleb Eefting​ has signed a 2 year deal with Kalix HC​ in the Swedish Division 1!

Caleb signs a 2-year deal with Kalix HC.

Caleb´s Journey

Caleb as seen in the picture has had a tremendous journey to where he is today. Only 3 season ago he arrived in Sweden for the first time and joined Rönnängs IK in Division 3. He played two full seasons with Rönnängs IK with a total of 73 points!!
Lindefallets SK in divison 2 were highly interested and signed him for the 2018/19 season. In 29 games Caleb recorded 27 points as a defenceman. Incredible!

With Lindfallets great reputation and network, Caleb had the opportunity to join Väsby IK in Division 1 for their last 4 games the same season.

Kalix HC was the best option!

Caleb had interest from many different Divison 1 teams. In the end, Quantum felt that Kalix had the best offer on the table when it comes to playing time so that he can develop his game even further, but also with an excellent management and coaching staff. It was never any doubt that Caleb would spend next season in Kalix!

We’d like to thank Kalix HC for believing in Caleb and for their great effort in making this possible! Stay put for more exciting news!

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