Austin Crossley

Defenceman - Fargo Force (USHL)



Austin Crossley


Austin is a 6’1” tough and physical defenseman. He is the type of player every team needs to be able to win championships in regard to his consistency and how he shows up during tough games like for an ex, playoff games. Although Austin plays with a defensive mind and with a good positioning, he uses his movability and quick skating to join rushes when needed. stands up for his team and the players.


Austin is a very mature and down to earth person. In the locker room he leads by being a good example by his work ethic, consistency and standing up for his teammates. He is always calm and rational in both his game but also off-ice.


Austin is coming out of 5 successful years in the WHL and USHL, two of the top junior hockey leagues in the world. With leadership/coaches like Mark Lamb & Pierre-Paul Lamoureux, Austin has developed into a professional player with a possible career in the NHL. Even though he never made a game with 

North America


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