Gilbert Gabor

Forward - Västerviks IK



Gilbert Gabor (F)

Gilbert Gabor

Gilbert Gabor

Born 1995


“Gilbert brings leadership to the team in the way he practices, plays his game and attitude.”

Gilbert is a 6’3”, 220 Lbs power forward that shoots left. Gilbert Gabor applies the characterization of a forward who is big, strong and fast, equally capable playing physically or scoring goals. He is a dominant player in corners and by the boards using his physical force and mind. A very neat detail regarding Gilbert is that he can be played in many various roles and is always ready to do whatever necessary to win games.

Off the ice Gilbert is a social, positive and goal driven person. He likes to be honest with his coaches and teammates and is no troublemaker. A solid down to earth guy that always has been more mature than his age. A leader Player description.


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